About me

Paul Kok

Paul onder waterPaul Ballon


Hello, this is who I am.

In the sky and water

I was born in 1956 en father of three wonderfull children. Besides that I am teacher in Art / Techniek to childeren at the age off 12 a 13 years old

If I am painting, almost every day, I am painting with 10 to 14 paintngs at the same time. While I am busy in making the first layers of one off the paintings, at the same time I can work at the details off one I am finishing.

I was beginning to make water paintings because of my new expereiences with water and because off my star sign. I was going to like the water as a place where it's joyfull and incradible beautifull and quiet. If you're going a little bit into the deep.

That's way since the year 2006 I know what I want to paint. What I put in the painting, from the angle off who I am, my soul, my hart. You may make your own judgement.